Village of Cleves tackles budget woes with austerity measures

CLEVES, Ohio - The village of Cleves approved the first round of drastic budget cuts following the failure of fire & safety levy last November, according to a statement released Wednesday.

The cuts, retroactive to Jan. 1, reflect a 31 percent or $306,550 reduction compared to last year's general fund spending. Most notably, the cuts call for the elimination of Mayor Danny Stacy's operating budget, reductions to the monthly stipend of the mayor and for all council members.

"Cuts in the budget are the first step," Stacy said in a statement. "We are looking at every opportunity to change the way the village operates, provides services and generates revenue so we are responsible stewards for our residents while ensuring long-term financial sustainability."

The first round of cuts also include:

  • Reduction of Police man-hours
  • Two police cruisers will be sold
  • Elimination of village contribution for employee's spouse/dependent health insurance premium
  • Elimination of employee health insurance deductible reimbursement
  • Elimination of additional Vice-Mayor monthly stipend
  • Reduction in monthly stipend for Village Solicitor, Prosecutor and Magistrate
  • Salary reductions for Street Commissioner, Clerk/Treasurer and Clerk of Courts
  • Reduction in hours for Zoning Inspector and Building Inspector
  • Reduction of hours for custodian
  • Reduction of all departments operating budgets

Village officials expect more cuts this year to meet the budget shortfall. Other cuts under consideration include turning off street lights and seeking alternatives to current employee health insurance plans.

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