Public to weigh in on Gamble House

CINCINNATI - The public will get a chance to voice their opinions about thecity using eminent domain to acquire the home of Procter and Gamblefounder James Gamble.

The Livable Communities Committee voted to hold a public hearingconcerning the house. Council member Charlie Winburn wants the cityto study using eminent domain to seize the Westwood home.

Greenacres Foundation Executive Vice President Carter Randolphattended the meeting Tuesday but didn't address the council.

"It's up to the city what they want to do. If they want to takethe property by eminent domain, then so be it," said Randolph afterthe meeting.

Members of neighborhood activist group "Westwood Concern"attended the meeting. Many wore shirts printed with a message ofsupport for eminent domain.

Because the item was not on the agenda, the committee couldn'tvote on the proposal at Tuesdays meeting. They, however, pass amotion to hold a public hearing.

Also on Tuesday, Federal Judge Susan J. Dlott ordered Greenacresto stop removing woodwork, windows and doors from the home.

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