Keeping kids fed to be ready for school after Thanksgiving

CINCINNATI - The organization Childhood Food Solutions took to the streets in the east Westwood neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. The organization was delivering food to help children have enough to get throughout the long five-day Thanksgiving weekend.

"A lot of our families don't have cars and so there are great programs where you can drive to a food pantry and get wonderful spread for Thanksgiving; there are some families that are not going to get that," said Executive Director Tony Fairhead.  

The group typically helps kids who need an extra boost of food through the summer and on weekends with healthy items that mostly consists of complex carbohydrates. It is a program that the local principal of Roll Hill School, Vicki Hill, has noticed as helpful to her students.

"If a child is hungry it is very difficult for them to stay focused, because their stomach hurts their head may hurt and they just don't feel well," said Hill.

The bags that were delivered will have nearly 4,000 calories from foods like granola bars, crackers, and macaroni and cheese. The donations will help the kids and their families after the turkey feast leftovers have been eaten.

"It's definitely a good thing, not only does it help the children out but it also takes some of the stress off of the parents, because they know they don't have to necessarily provide some of those staples for that weekend," said Hill.

One of those parents is Cornell Logan. His wife and four boys will get one of the bags. Logan volunteered at the Villages at Roll Hill Community Center to help distribute the food bags.

"I understand how it is to be, you know, have no food at the end of the month," said Logan.

Logan works a variety of jobs to support his family and has a dream of having a house on a hill with the white picket fence.

"I still go out there and work hard and bring home to the family," said Logan.

"Our food becomes the final safety net," said Fairhead. "We stand in the gap when there's no car or the car is broken down."

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