Woman accused of assaulting Withrow High School student indicted

CINCINNATI - A grand jury indicted the woman suspected of bypassing security at Withrow High School and attacking a student in a classroom.

Precious Allen, 31, was charged Thursday with assault and aggravated trespassing, both misdemeanors.

On Feb. 7, Allen and Dawn Brunner, 28, allegedly bypassed security at the school, which is located at 2488 Madison Road, and entered a classroom. Once inside the room, Allen punched and kicked a female student in the face and body causing visible injuries, according to a police report.

Allen's daughter, also a student at Withrow High School, joined in on the assault, sticking the victim in the face with a lock while Allen held the victim to the ground, according to the report. The name of Allen's daughter has not been released because of her age. The juvenile's charges have not been released either.

Allen was charged with aggravated trespassing and felonious assault and Brunner was charged with criminal trespassing.

"I didn't come there to fight. My daughter didn't come there to fight. It was strictly to get her belongings and withdraw her," Allen said in an interview with 9 On Your Side.

She said the allegations that she broke through security and attacked the student are false. Allen said she asked to talk with the teacher, when a female student stood up and had some words. She said the situation got out of control when the girl starting "charging" toward her.

"She charged again, and my daughter pushed me out of the way and she and my daughter started fighting," said Allen

Brunner told 9 On Your Side that she thought they were going to pick up Allen's daughter, then go to a restaurant.

"I don't know how lunch turned into jail, but it did," Brunner said. "It's the worst day of my life. I've never been in trouble."

While Brunner and Allen refute their charges, everyone agrees that security should have been tighter. The mother of the victim spoke with 9 On Your Side and explained her anger at the lapse in security at the school.

"She could have had a gun. My daughter could be dead right now," the victim's mother said. She is considering a lawsuit against the school district.

Allen has been suspended at her job at the Sisters of Notre Dame nursing home as a result of the incident. Allen said she is also considering a lawsuit against the school.

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