Former Mayor Jerry Springer leads Democratic rally against House Bill 194

CINCINNATI - Hamilton County's Democrats spent the night in Pleasant Ridge to watch the president's speech and to learn about a petition drive to repeal House Bill 194.

Former Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer gave a rousing speech of his own after the president finished.

He tried to educate the crowd on the bill which shortens the window for early voting.

Ohio Democratic State Representative Connie Pillich said, "There's only one reason for them to, for this bill to be introduced, and it's to keep people from voting. When you can't win on the message, you pass a law that says what votes can be counted, and that's exactly what we saw in a one party system in Columbus this year."

Ohio Democrats hope to get enough names on the petition to get the referendum on the ballot in May, so the repeal would take affect before the 2012 presidential election.

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