Findlay Market vendors got what they wanted

CINCINNATI - Major League Baseball, the Players Association, the Miami Marlins and others all made accommodations so that vendors at Findlay Market could have, today, Good Friday to sell to their customers.

"Good Friday is one of our best days," said Elmer Simpson a produce vendor.

Simpson said Easter is a day when most people cook at home.

"If the parade would have been held today there would have been no parking.  The streets would have been blocked.  It would have killed us," said Simpson.

Opening day parade chairman Neil Luken told 9 News that things worked out.

"We couldn't have had the parade today.  So, it really worked out well and everybody's happy," said Luken.

Vendors selling ready-to-eat products were extremely busy before the parade.

"You should have seen it.  There was no room to move," said Monica Giles who works at the Taste of Belgium selling waffles.

Simpson was grateful for the adjustments made by the many organizations to hold Cincinnati's opening day yesterday.

"Thank you very much.  They saved me a lot of money," said Simpson.

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