3CDC rents all of its renovated apartments in OTR within 3 months

CINCINNATI - Five years and over a quarter of a billion dollars later, theOver-the-Rhine community is starting to look a lot like its oldself again.

3CDC, Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation, is movingforward with even more renovations this Spring.

Many know of the group's work on Vine Street. 3CDC is nowrenovating buildings near the corner of 14th and Race nearWashington Park and Music Hall.

3CDC has set its sights on an old vacant church at the corner of15th and Race.

"We're partnering with the city to save a church that was inimmediate danger of collapsing, so we're spending almostthree-quarters of a million dollars to stabilize the church. Thisis just preventative maintenance to make sure it didn't fall away.The key to making this a wonderful neighborhood is the historicfabric of these buildings," Munitz said.

3CDC says it will likely be used for commercial space withpotential development of a new fitness center.

Across the street in the 1400 block of Race are the newheadquarters for 3CDC, commercial space, and new rental homes.

"When you want to bring this neighborhood back to where it was acentury ago as a great, diverse, mixed use, mixed incomeneighborhood and that's our goal as we continue to doreinvestment," Munitz said.

3CDC says its goal is to change the neighborhood one block at atime.

Entrepreneur Byron Thomas hopes to be a part of the change.

He and his business partners are scouting out a spot for a newentertainment venue.

"It's something in the early stages. It's still in the egg formI guess you could say, but we're hoping to be able to bring alittle live music, some comediennes and a nice cuisine of food downhere also," Thomas said.

James Jenkins has already made Over-the-Rhine his new homerelocating from Eden Park two months ago.

Jenkins says Over-the-Rhine is changing for the better. He sayshe feels safe and comfortable in his new neighborhood.

"Just to see the change in OTR. If you would have come downtownfive years ago, maybe you wouldn't want to be here, but to seeeverything that's going on downtown is really amazing. It'sshocking that you still have people talk down about downtown, theymust not have been down here recently because it's a lot ofconstruction and development going on in Over-the-Rhine now,"Jenkins said as he walked his dog and took pictures of theredevelopment along Race Street Wednesday afternoon.

3CDC says its already rented out all of the apartments that arepart of the renovations in Over-the-Rhine.

The organization says 50 percent of the commercial space hasalso been rented.

The other major project includes finishing the 450 space garageat Washington Park to offer more public parking to residents andvisitors.

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