Northside 2-year-old meets his heroes; photo takes over the Internet

Dad: 'He was so excited... he became undone'

CINCINNATI – You know how you felt that time you met your favorite celebrity?  

That’s kind of like what happened to 2-year-old Northside boy Quincy Kroner.

Now his moment of pure joy is being viewed and shared by millions on the Internet.

Quincy’s dad said the tot loves garbage trucks. Like, a lot.

“Every Friday he knows they’re coming,” Ollie Kroner told ABC News. “From the moment he hears them from blocks away he runs to the window, climbs up on the couch and watches them.”

Turns out, the guys in the truck are fans of Quincy, too.

Kroner said the driver “puts on a show” for Quincy, honking and waving.

“They’ve developed a kind of relationship through the window,” he told ABC.

Kroner said Quincy likes the garbage trucks and the people who drive them so much that his prize for successful potty training was – you guessed it – a garbage truck.

So when the truck rolled up to the Kroner’s last Friday, he asked the men if they would be willing to take a photo.

They were.

Fortunately for the Internet, their star power proved too much for Quincy.

“He was so excited leading up to it but then when the moment came he became undone,” Kroner said, adding that the noise of the truck may have been louder up close than the little boy was expecting.

Kroner posted the photo to Facebook March 13. Since then, media outlets across the globe have published and shared it.


Kroner said it’s important to know Quincy recovered quickly after the photo was taken.

“I just don’t think he thought it all the way through,” he said.

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