Madisonville couple celebrates 70 years of marriage on Valentine's Day

CINCINNATI - The words "for as long as we both shall live," ring especially true for one Madisonville couple who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day.

Queen Ester Cox and Thomas Cox married on Feb. 14, 1943 at the ages of 15 and 17, respectively. They don't have any photos from their wedding, but still remember that Sunday afternoon.

"I had girls galore until I met her, then it was all over," said Thomas Cox.

"It's been hell," responded Queen Ester Cox jokingly.

Queen Ester Cox told 9 On Your Side that marriage for her has "been sweet. It's been heavenly."

The couple does not have any biological children, but say they've always had each other. Now that they are 85 and 87, the couple has these words of wisdom to share.

"Do not lie even if it hurts," advised Queen Ester Cox.

"The ups and downs, the ins and outs, but we got along with it," added Thomas Cox.

While the Coxes celebrated their diamond anniversary Thursday, dozens of new couples were celebrating the beginning of their lives together at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Judge Megan Shanahan married 25 couples at a group ceremony at the Hamilton County Courthouse. It was the largest group she's had in her five years working on Valentine's Day.

"I think the service that we provide to the community is wonderful," said Shanahan before the group ceremony. "I'm honored to do this. I have always enjoyed doing weddings, and on a day like Valentine's Day is extra special."

Shanahan said that the key to her four and a half year long marriage bliss is similar to the Coxes. She and her husband have also kept an open line of communication with each other.

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