Dog owner charged after animal bites 4 people in Hyde Park, Norwood

CINCINNATI - A dog was impounded after four people were bitten Tuesday in Norwood and Hyde Park, according to Cincinnati police.

A female German shepherd and another dog were roaming both neighborhoods in the afternoon, according to authorities.

The SPCA of Cincinnati took the German Shepherd into custody after it reportedly bit two people in Hyde Park and two others in Norwood around noon.

One of the victims was bitten in the 3600 block of Stettinius Avenue in Hyde Park and transported to the hospital. Another was bitten on that street as well and drove herself to the hospital. The condition of the other two victims is unknown at this time.

Cincinnati police say they have had problems with the German shepherd in the past.

9 On Your Side spoke with two of the victims Tuesday evening.

Kati Whitis, one of the two victims attacked in Norwood, said she was walking to her house when she saw the two dogs on the loose near her house.

"I'm a dog person, so I was not afraid of these animals. I started to actually pet them, kind of like, ‘Hey guys, what are you doing here,?' cause they were total strange dogs. I had never seen them before, on that, they went after my leg," she said.

Whitis was able to free her leg by hitting the German shepherd with a magazine.

Andrew Butler's wife Gabrille, who was attacked in Hyde Park, suffered more serious injuries.

"From up here the dogs ran straight line through this yard to my wife who was walking up the garden path here," he said.

Butler said his wife was walking to her car on Stettinius Avenue when she was attacked. He drove her to the hospital after the dog severely bit her knee.

"Unprovoked, my wife is a very placid person, and most animals will just come lick her to death, rather than bite her," said Butler.

Only the German shepherd is believed to have attacked the victims, police say.

The owner was charged for possession of a vicious dog. A woman who lives at the same residence as the owner and reportedly let the dogs out of the house will be charged Wednesday by Norwood police.

The owner is expected to be in court on Feb. 12. At that time a judge will hear arguments on what should happen to the German shepherd.


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