Civil rights pioneer speaks at Xavier

CINCINNATI - A participant in one of the most successful events during thecivil rights movement spoke with students at Xavier UniversityWednesday evening.

In February 1960 Dr. Franklin McCain was just a college student,but he soon became a shining example of how anyone can make achange. Dr. McCain and three friends sat down at a "Whites-Only"lunch counter at a Woolworth's in Greensboro, N.C. It was a movewhich reinvigorated the non-violent protest movement.

When 9 News spoke with Dr. McCain after he talked with students,he said he hoped they walked away realizing they have what it takesto make a change.

"I am no different from them. We're just alike," commented Dr.McCain. "I've got faith, they've got faith, I've got courage andvision, and so do they. So they've got all the necessaryingredients to do anything in this short life that they would liketo do."

Dr. McCain also added that even though we still have a ways togo regarding racial equality in this country, we should be proud ofhow far we've come.

"It really takes a small number of people, quite often just one,to make monumental actions and to take big steps. And you reallydon't need permission from anyone to do it. I think that they willleave here believing tonight that the facts don't matter if thedream is big enough."

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