St. Ursula Academy wins sportsmanship award for 7th time

CINCINNATI - With all the attention being played on the UC-Xavier Crosstown Shootout brawl last weekend, one school is accepting an award for the opposite kind of conduct.

For the seventh year in a row, St. Ursula Academy in East Walnut Hills has been recognized with the Harold A. Meyer Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award from the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

"People need to know that sportsmanship is still important," says SUA Senior Madeline Meiners.

"I'll always have the sense of treating people with respect and caring about what I do," Karissa Rajagopal, also a senior.

Officials at the school say those three values, sportsmanship, ethics and integrity,  are part of their overall educational program, not just for their athletes.

"We believe that learning to treat others with respect and acting with ethics and integrity is something all of our students can carry with them through their lives, in competition and beyond," says principal Craig Maliborski.

"Every day, you have to incorporate sportsmanship and integrity," says Physical Education Dept. Chair Julie Perry. "It's something they'll take with them the rest of their journey."

Applicants for the award must complete an eight-part program in their schools and communities demonstrating that they are promoting the values, according to the release.

"We are grateful that the OHSAA has recognized our efforts to live up to the highest standards of good sportsmanship, ethics and integrity not only in athletics, but in everything we do," said Athletic Director Mike Snipes.

So whether it's cheering on their teammates, or competing in the run of life, the women of St. Ursula Academy say they're being prepared to take it on, all while holding their heads high.

"It's special that we have it here," says senior Rachel Court,  "that we learn it now, instead of having to go through ...what the college teams go through now."

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