Police find 'human remains' in East End

CINCINNATI - After a day of intensive searching Thursday, Cincinnati Police Homicide Detectives found what they were looking for in an East End building – human remains.

Investigators haven't been able to determine the identity of the victim or determine if the person was male or female.

The discovery was made in the basement of a two-story, 150-year-old house at the corner of Riverside Drive and Wenner Street.

Police went to the building based on jailhouse information that a body had been buried in the house.

The property is owned by Richard Kuhn, who was severely injured in a fall in a July, and occupied by his daughter and her four sons.

One of the teenage boys said he answered a knock on the door and found police officers standing there with their weapons drawn.

Crime scene investigators dressed themselves in white protective suits, boots, gloves and masks as they scoured the residence

"It's just that they're in areas of the house that are not necessarily the cleanest," said Lt. Anthony Carter, Homicide Squad Commander. "It's just to protect their own personal outer garments."

"The masks are for breathing, since there's a lot of dust and debris in the air," he added.

Investigators concentrated on the basement area during the morning, then moved to the first and second floors.

By early afternoon, sheets had been draped over windows and a door of a one-story addition at the rear of the building.

The sound of hammers and saws could clearly be heard as if sections of the floor were cut open.

Around 4 p.m. a Cincinnati Fire Department truck arrived on the scene and delivered shovels for police to use.

Assistant Chief Vince Demasi said the search had refocused on the basement and was both difficult and dirty.

Neighbors like Carolyn Guthrie said they were stunned to see yellow crime tape blocking the entrances to the house.

"It's unnerving a little bit, but since I don't know what's going on, I'm not really afraid of anything," she said.

Tammy Jessee stood on the front steps of her mother's house a few doors away, stared at the police activity and said she was at amazed at what she saw.

"It's unusual – very unusual for this neighborhood – extremely unusual for this neighborhood – because nothing ever happens down here," she said.

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