Something's brewing at the soon-to-be Cincinnati Riverfront Park

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Riverfront Park is still in the construction phase,but that's not stopping developers from releasing new detailsconcerning one of its main tenants.

A news conference discussing the Moerlein Lager House is set for10:30 a.m. Wednesday downtown at the Reds Hall of Fame Theatre onMain Street.

The news conference will showcase new design renderings for themicrobrewery and restaurant, as well as give construction detailsand timelines.

For those of you who happen to be food connoisseurs, lookforward to hearing the menu development plans.

The Lager House will feature on-site brewing, a restaurantand an outdoor beer garden.

It will have seating for more than 1,000 people and employ250.

So when will the Lager House be complete? Developers areshooting for an August 2011 opening.

Mayor Mark Mallory, officials with the Cincinnati Park Board andof course the Moerlein Lager House development team are allexpected to attend Wednesday's news conference.