'Sleep Out the Vote' event brings many people despite the rain

Many people are ready for early voting

CINCINNATI - The rain didn't stop people from camping out in front of the Hamilton County Board of Elections office Monday night to promote an annual event called "Sleep Out the Vote."

Cincinnati NAACP President Chris Smitherman braved the rainy weather alongside other members of the NAACP to kick off early voting, which started on Tuesday.

"We've seen voter turnout drop across the country, and we think it's important to highlight that it's an election and people should come out and participate," Smitherman said.

The NAACP isn't alone. This isn't the first time State Senator Eric Kearney set up his tent to spread awareness.

"I remember two years ago it rained, maybe three, so we're used to the rain, it will be fine," Kearney said.

On Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., members of the Hamilton County Republican Party are sponsoring a rally in conjunction with the Romney campaign. Following the rally, members will head to the board of elections office to cast their ballots at 8 a.m.

"If you don't vote, then really, you shouldn't be able to complain about who your political leaders are," said Chip Gerhardt with the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

"Hamilton County, analysts are saying we'll decide the presidential election, not just the state of Ohio, we're watching Hamilton county incredibly closely," Smitherman said.

Early voting began at 8 a.m., only at your county's board of elections office. A list of early voting dates and times can be found here . To find a polling location near you, click here .

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