Mike McConnell explains why he left WLW for WGN

CINCINNATI - Local radio talk show host Mike McConnell is no longer with 700WLW.

The "Mid Day" host is leaving for 720 WGN in Chicago starting inAugust.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., McConnell's daughter is anadult and he has not been married for five years, so the timing wasright.

“My contract happened to be up and this offer was on thetable and something just said (pausing) . . . it all came togethertoo easily," explained McConnell.

700 WLW is one of 1,100 stations owned by Clear ChannelCommunications.

Its search has already begun, and according to local radio andtelevision historian Mike Martini, the search could begin fromwithin its own studios.

"They have huge minor leagues to choose from,” explainedMartini. “They have Scott Sloan who they couldpromote.”

McConnell says no tears should be shed for his departure.

"WGN is right there on Michigan Avenue with a big showcasestudio,” said McConnell. "The crowd can stand out there andwave. There's something about that that plays to the show off inme."

Having lead thousands of discussions over a 50,000 watt stationfor more than 20 years, McConnell never had the chance to say onething.

"I wish I had an opportunity to say ‘so long’ topeople, and show my appreciation to people, because I really doappreciate it,” he said.

McConnell will finish his show "The Weekend with Mike McConnell"until he begins his show in Chicago. However, the program will notbe aired locally in Cincinnati.

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