Judge hears testimony in Anna Louise Inn lawsuit, but does not make decision

CINCINNATI - A Hamilton County judge did not rule on a lawsuit to stop renovations at the Anna Louise Inn in Downtown Cincinnati Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Norbert Nadel requested additional information from all parties in the lawsuit before ruling on the lawsuit.

Western and Southern Financial Group is asking Judge Nadel to stop a $12.4 million renovation project that will change the Inn's single rooms to more apartment style living for women who have lost their homes or are trying to get off the streets.

Western and Southern wants to buy the Anna Louise Inn property and use it for commercial development. The company says the city and county would end up with more tax revenue if they allow the purchase and then move the Inn to another location.

However, Cincinnati Union Bethel, which runs the Inn, says it doesn't want to move out of the 102-year-old building because of the history and also because a lot of the funding for the renovations are historic preservation tax credits.

Renovations at the shelter will remain in limbo until the judge announces his decision.


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