Reporters remain at hearing for North College Hill teens

CINCINNATI - After ruling to keep court open to reporters Friday, a magistrate in Hamilton Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division set bond for three of the teens charged in the beating of a North College Hill man.

The teens are charged with Felonious Assault and Aggravated Rioting.

Bond for one was set at $10,000 on each charge while the other saw bond set at $20,000 on each charge because he's been in juvenile court before.

A third teen who has been the only one of the six behind bars since his arrest also received bonds of $10,000 for each charge.

Nancy Cutler, a public defender for Hamilton County, had sought to close court proceedings to the media. She represents one of the six North College Hill teens accused of beating Pat Mahaney, because they were "bored."

Cutler cited a newspaper article in which five of the teens who are 13- and 14-year-olds were named. In addition, Cutler argues that the nature of the case and the article have attracted the attention of the National Alliance-- what some civil rights groups have called a white supremacist organization that that demonstrated Friday in North College Hill.

The six teens involved in the incident are black and Mahaney is white.

Cutler's motion argued, "because information regarding the child has already been improperly disseminated, there exists a reasonable and substantial basis for believing that public access could harm the child or endanger the fairness of the adjudication and that the potential for harm outweighs the benefits of public access."

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