Computer rendition of new Horseshoe casino

CINCINNATI - What will the new Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati look like? Mayor Mark Mallory showed one rendition of what it could be during part of his State of the City address Thursday night.

In a computer-rendered fly-by of what the city could look like when the casino is completed, the video shows what the $400 million establishment might offer to the Queen City.

The fly-by goes from the riverfront past downtown to where the new casino will be and enters its front doors.

The rendition shows off what the slots and the banquet areas could be as if it were already built. The video also notes the blueprints of the new building, showing where each piece of the casino will fit including the gambling floor, bars, restaurants, banquet centers and others.

Watch the video in the player to the left to find out what you might see at the new casino when it is completed. The casino is scheduled to be up and running by the end of 2012.

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