Cincinnati Color Palooza: Celebrates survivorship, raises money for Susan G. Komen foundation

CINCINNATI - This Saturday morning you may see an explosion of color throughout the streets of downtown Cincinnati.

The annual Cincinnati Color Palooza, a three mile race that celebrates survivorship and raises money for charity, returns this weekend to the Tri-State.

Characterized as a combination of a Spanish Tomato Fight, Big Bird's Birthday and Woodstock, participants of all ages can take part in this colorful event.

Organizers provide participants with white shirts so volunteers can throw powder-based colors on their clothing throughout the course. By the end they look like "the stuff rainbows are made out of," according to the event's website.

The material is non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, editable, colored corn-starch that will also be distributed to participants after the race.

Organizers says most of the color will dissipate after the event, but not all of it so be mindful of what clothing you wear during the race.

A party at Sawyer Point will begin promptly after.

The following downtown streets will be closed during the race:

  • Freeman Avenue: Closed to through traffic between W. 8th Street and Mehring Way (open to highway ramps)
  • Mehring Way: Closed between Freeman Avenue and Joe Nuxhall Way
  • Linn Street: Closed between W. 5th Street and Gest Street
  • Gest Street: Closed between Third Street and W. Pete Rose Way
  • Third Street: Eastbound closed between Gest Street and Central Avenue
  • Central Avenue: Closed between Third Street and Mehring Way
  • W. Pete Rose Way: Closed between Gest Street and Central Avenue
  • Elm Street: Closed between Second Street and Mehring Way
  • Race Street: Closed between Second Street and Freedom Way
  • Rosa Parks Street: Closed between Second Street and Freedom Way
  • Freedom Way: Closed between Elm Street and Walnut Street

For more information on the Color Palooza or to register visit

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