Banks attracts thousands for Opening Day

CINCINNATI - Opening day in Cincinnati had a new dimension with the various restaurants and bars now open on the Banks.

Thousands descended on businesses like the Moerlein Lager House.  General Manager Rob Gannaway said the staff was bursting with excitement.

"We couldn't wait for the day to come we've been preparing for weeks.  We have thousands of people having a great time," said Gannaway.

Together those thousands were consuming thousands of gallons of beer.  Gannaway described eight containers in his basement that each held sixty kegs of beer.  At roughly fifteen gallons per keg that equals approximately 7,200 gallons of beer that would be poured out of Moerlein's taps opening day.

For the businesses on the Banks Gannaway suggested there were enough consumers to go around.

"I think as a whole we have plenty of people.  It is busy all the way up the road with plenty to do, plenty to see with bands in different places.  It is just a great place to be," said Gannaway.

Reds CEO Bob Castellini was also excited with the new opportunities for fans to enjoy themselves near the ballpark.

"The added dimension of the Banks has really made this an over-the-top day.  Not that it hasn't always been but I mean around the ballpark this is very unique down here," said Castellini.

The Reds Community Fund Block Party also offered a place for fans to eat and drink right in the street.

"It's a great time.  It's very nice to have all of downtown Cincinnati fans in one area to celebrate Reds opening day," said Erica Baker one of the many thousands of fans crowded onto Joe Nuxhall Way.

Even after the game patrons stayed at places like the Holy Grail, Johnny Rockets and the Moerlein Lager House ushering in a new era for fan enjoyment.

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