All American birthday party and fireworks at Sawyer Point

CINCINNATI - The All American Birthday Party and Fireworks show was saved at Sawyer Point, despite recent concerns of it canceling because of the city of Cincinnati budget cuts.

The annual event has become such an important tradition for many families in the Tri-State.

9 News found one family, who attends the show every year on the 4th of July.

"I love coming here," said Velma Jones who takes her grand kids to watch the show, "Just watch fireworks and having fun with my grandkids and with my daughter, means so much to me."

Jones and her family camped out since noon Monday to make sure they got a good spot.

Early Monday morning, 9 news caught up with the Rozzi's fireworks crew responsible for all the logistics.

"We get our equipment, we have to plan for weather, so we want to give ourselves plenty of time to put our equipment up, make sure it's secure from the elements and work slow throughout the day especially this time of year, it gets hot out so just make sure we're hydrated, and get done in a timely manner so you're not rushing around at the end," said Roger Kennedy, the Lead Exhibitor from Rozzi Fireworks.

The show almost didn't go as planned because the City of Cincinnati couldn't afford it due to recent budget cuts. However, thanks to Fifth Third Bank and its donation, the show was put back on.

The show started at 10 p.m. Monday night and it was 20 minutes long. There were also live performances from local bands. Rozzi's officials says it's worth every minute.

"The company's been in business well over 100 years and just through trial and error, trying different techniques, different ideas and just kind of building on that every year and we try to outdo ourselves at every chance we get," said Kennedy.

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