'Blinking' murder trial set to start

CINCINNATI - A murder trial will start Monday morning, where a suspect could spend the rest of his life in prison, in large part because a witness "blinked" to identify him as the killer.

Ricardo Woods, 33, is facing murder charges in the shooting death of 35-year-old David Chandler in the West End almost a year ago.

Before Chandler died, he was interviewed by Cincinnati police while he on a ventilator and that's when he identified Woods as his shooter.

Last month, a judge overruled defense objections and said that the prosecution could present the videotaped "blinking" evidence from Chandler.

Woods' attorney, Kory Jackson says this kind of identification from a witness who can not speak is, in his words, "shaky at best."

Court records also show that Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Beth Myers may have to consider another "motion to supress," before the trial can pick a jury or hear opening statements.

Prosecutors say both men knew each other from drug deals in the West End.

We'll have this murder trial covered for you with any significant developments updated online here at WCPO.com and with stories later on 9 News.

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