UC police release report on Taser incident

CINCINNATI - The University of Cincinnati released a 14-page report detailing the events of a Taser incident that led to the death of 18-year-old Everette Howard Saturday morning.

The report offers new details as to what happened and how police responded.

According to the report, officers were initially dispatched to an incident at Turner Hall involving several kids in the Upward Bound program. The dispute centered around one of the students taking a hat as they left the room of three students: Nemuel Bonner, Desean Cook and Howard.

According to the report by Officer Richard Haas, he attempted to speak to Howard who he says was "unable to speak understandably...he appeared to be very angry and agitated but not at anyone in particular." Haas's report also said he wasn't able to get a story from Howard.

At that point, Haas went outside and spoke with another officer who had spoken to Cook. According to Haas, Bonner and Cook's stories were similar. He added that they sent the three teens on their way at that point -- a process that took about 40 minutes and ended around 2:45 a.m.

Twenty-four minutes later, a report of a large fight broke out behind Turner Hall facing Jefferson Avenue. Haas was dispatched to the scene with Officer Brian McKeel and Lt. Elliot. According to McKeel, the fight came to a halt once the officers arrived. The teens then dispersed and ran away from the officers.

Haas and another officer went south and intercepted the group running in that direction, according to McKeel's testimony. McKeel stopped the other group and began questioning them.

Shortly after, the call came out for Elliot to respond to Officer Haas's location for a Taser incident. The report states the Cincinnati Fire Department was notified of a Taser firing and then responded to the scene.

The report does not detail Officer Haas' interaction the second time with Howard. It specifies that Haas called in the Taser firing approximately six minutes after the three officers arrived on the scene. Fire-Rescue arrived and began chest compressions on Howard exactly 13 minutes later.

Within five minutes, Howard was being transported to the hospital in cardiac arrest. He died shortly thereafter.

As 9 News reported Wednesday, the university has asked for an independent review of the incident from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

The Hamilton Coroner's Office said Howard had been shot by a Taser in a previous incident and was taken to the hospital as a result. The university's police department has suspended the use of Tasers until further notice.

Everette Howard's funeral is set for Saturday morning at the New Missions Missionary Baptist Church on Ravenna Street in Madisonville.

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