Teen dies after U.C. Police tasing

CINCINNATI - University of Cincinnati Police are investigating after an 18-year-old died shortly after being tased by an officer early Saturday morning.

According to U.C.P.D., officers responded to a report of a fight on campus outside of Turner Hall around 3 a.m. Saturday.

Police say they found a large group of people in the area making loud and agitated noises.

One person approached officers and was warned to stop approaching at the risk of being tased, police said.

When he did not stop, police say, he was tased and cuffed.

University Police say they then called the Cincinnati Fire Department to treat the tasing and checked his vital signs while he was on the ground. They say he was disoriented, but did not appear to be in life-threatening danger.

Police say they were told by the Cincinnati Fire Department that the teen suffered a cardiac arrest and died a short time later at University Hospital.

The family of the teen that died identified him as Everett Howard. Howard graduated from North College Hill High school and was at U.C. attending a program called upward bound. Upward bound gives recent graduates a chance to earn college credit.

Howard's mother says she has not heard from police or the university on what happened to her son.

"I just can't believe he's gone, I can't believe my son isn't here," Travonna Howard said.

University Police say they are conducting two investigations surrounding the death. The first pertains to the circumstances surrounding the tasing. The second pertains to the original criminal fight complaint.

"The officer involved is an experienced officer, I would describe him as extremely level headed, and capable. He's obviously taking this pretty hard, this was a very unexpected and unhappy outcome," said Captain Jeff Corcoran. 

This is not the first time a taser-related death has occurred involving U.C. police. In January 2010, University police were forced to use a taser on a patient at U.C. Medical Center.

Kelli Brinson had a medical emergency after being tased. He died three days later.   

University Police have suspended the use of tasers pending the investigation.

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