Club Ritz shooting victim laid to rest

CINCINNATI - The victim of a deadly shooting inside the Club Ritz nightclubin Roselawn was laid to rest Tuesday as his family and friendscontinued to push for the club to be shut down.

Services for 22-year-old Dexter Burroughs were held at 10 the Zion Baptist Church on Glenwood Avenue in Avondale.

It will be just one of several activities the Burroughs familymay take part in on Tuesday, as they step up their efforts to shutdown the nightclub where Burroughs was shot and killed earlier thismonth.

Within a day of Burroughs' death inside the Club Ritz last week,his father and other family members were in the parking lot outsidethe nightclub posting signs calling for Club Ritz to close becauseof escalating violence inside and outside of the club.

Burroughs' family is also planning on holding a candlelightvigil for him at the Lincoln Statue at Forest Avenue and ReadingRoad in Avondale, starting at 6 p.m.

On Tuesday afternoon, city council members met to discuss thefuture of Club Ritz.

"It's my true wish and a few members who signed this motion withme to see this club close down at this point," said Leslie Ghiz,Councilmember.

Members of the government operations committee also talked aboutways to reduce violence at the club.

Councilmember Charlie Winburn took it a step further submittinga motion that cracks down on all bar owners.

"I want to see if the city administration will have the guts tosupport the new point system I'm going to propose. If you have onehomicide in your building, on your premises, then we are going toshut the thing down," said Winburn.

Andrew Williams, the owner of Club Ritz, was also at themeeting.

He said he's made safety improvements to the club which is whyhe said the city allowed his liquor license to be renewed a monthago.

"We have the recommendation letter from the city of Cincinnatigoing to Columbus. So we've not done anything wrong. We've doneeverything that they've asked. We are not in control of anindividual who comes into the nightclub and decides what he wantsto do," said Andrew Williams, Club Ritz Owner.

On Wednesday, Williams is planning on holding a press conferenceto talk about safety improvements he made including a new metaldetector, new cameras and making it a members only club.

No arrests have been made in the homicide.

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