Avondale man dies after attacked by dog

CINCINNATI - A man is dead after his own dog mauled him at his Avondale home early Wednesday morning.

Ronnel Brown, 40, was mauled by his male bulldog at his home located in the 3400 block of Cleveland Court around 1 a.m. Brown called officials and told them his dog, named Kilo, attacked him and he believed he was going to pass out.

When police responded to the scene, they couldn't get into Brown's apartment because of the vicious dog. When they finally got in, they had to shoot the dog to remain safe, according to authorities. Authorities found Brown dead in the apartment.

Why it all happened is a mystery to brown's family.

"(Kilo) was his pride and joy," said Brown's sister, DeLisa Brown. "He was very gentle with him. Both the dog gentle with my brother and my brother gentle with the dog. We don't have a clue what triggered this."

Officers also found two bags of marijuana and two puppies inside the apartment.

Harold Dates of the Cincinnati SPCA says the dog is a very rare breed called an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, originating in the state of Georgia.

He says it requires strict training.

"There needs to be a pack leader," Dates said. "In a household, the humans need to show that pack leadership. If a dog becomes more dominant, then serious things can happen."

The breed is a mix of bulldog and pitbull and is sometimes used as a guard dog.

Brown had raised Kilo from a puppy. The dog was 3 years old.

The two puppies will be held at the SPCA kennels until authorities decide what to do with them.

Officials continue to investigate what led to the attack. They have not released any additional details at this time.

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