Hamilton County Board of Elections investigating possible voter fraud

Investigation ongoing since 2012 election

CINCINNATI - The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating possible voter fraud following the 2012 election.

Officials say 28 subpoenas have been issued, which includes 19 Hamilton County voters and nine witnesses who still need to answer questions to satisfy the board.

This is an unusually high number for Hamilton County. Board of Elections chairman Tim Burke said in 2008 there was only one case.

For months the board has been investigating anomalies in voting. The board started with 80 suspicious cases, and are now down to 19. Many of the case turn out to be simple misunderstandings.

There are still a handful that need to be explained by the people who cast ballots in November, including a poll worker who may have voted twice.

"The reason why she was called to our attention is because she had voted in absentee ballot and also appears to have voted at her polling place where she was working. She shouldn't have. We're going to give her the opportunity to come in and explain why she did that," said Burke.

The voters at the center of the investigation will soon have the chance to explain themselves, but no other details were disclosed at this time.

The investigation includes the following individuals:

  • Ashly Longmire
  • Ronald English
  • Stacy L. Bushman
  • Joan Ann Dent
  • Victoria Reeves
  • Barry N. Washington
  • India Simone Richarson
  • Aaliyah Muhammad
  • Veronica M. Stearns
  • Elizabeth Anne Haas
  • Donna Finnegan
  • Kevin T. Rack, Sr.
  • Lakeisha M. Watkins
  • Isiah Edwards, Jr.
  • Kathryn Yvonne Sherman
  • Pamela A. taylor
  • Joann Nicole Spurling
  • Artie Lee Lumpkin
  • Marsha L. Daughtery
  • Rick William Manoff
  • Robert Stephen Kemme
  • Johnathan Hillman
  • Margaret I. Allen
  • Andre Wilson
  • Ernestine Strickland
  • Jospeh Burress
  • John Cochrane
  • Ricky Phillips
  • David Connelly
  • Carolyn Johnson
  • Melowese Richardson
  • Steven Ramsey
  • Betty Ann Glossop

To read a full report of the investigation and each individual case as provided by the Hamilton County Board of Election, click here (https://mediaassets.wcpo.com/pdfs/Fraud.pdf) .

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I-Team reporter Jason Law contributed to this report.



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