Colerain Township man's bond set after charges of bringing gun to Flying Pig Marathon

CINCINNATI - A man accused of stalking the executive director of the Flying Pig Marathon and bringing a gun to the race has been indicted.

A grand jury indicted 49-year-old David Moore on one count of carrying a concealed weapon/failure to inform law enforcement officer, carrying concealed weapon, weapon under disability and menacing by stalking.

If convicted of all the charges he could spend up to six years in prison.

In a release, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters said Moore called the marathon's director, Iris Simpson-Bush, to complain about his bib number and inquire about her relationship status before making comments about terrorism and asking to speak on stage at the event.

When Moore showed up to the race, he was stopped by police and officers said he made more comments about terrorism. When police asked him if he was carrying a gun, investigators said Moore opened his coat to display a loaded handgun. He was arrested at the scene.

Deters said Moore and Simpson-Bush did not know each other prior to the incident.

"Fortunately, no one was physically hurt during this incident. Thanks goes to the Cincinnati Police Department for their fast action in preventing what might have been a more serious incident.  This incident reminds us again of the important job that law enforcement does every day to keep our community safe," Deters said in a release.

A judge set Moore's bond at $550,000 in court Thursday.

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