Graeter's introduces black cherry chocolate chip as newest ice cream flavor

CINCINNATI - A fruity flavor is the newest addition to the Graeter's ice cream lineup.

The Cincinnati-based company famous for its tasty treats has added black cherry chocolate chip to its menu.

The new flavor is not so much of an invention as it is a combination of pre-existing menu items. Graeter's already features black cherry ice cream, and a number of flavors have chocolate chunks.

The new flavor will be available for a limited time in Graeter's stores and for sale by the pint.

The flavor was chosen as a result of a fan vote in which ice cream fans chose black cherry chocolate chip over strawberry cheesecake, Mexican chocolate, coconut and watermelon sorbet.

The revered local store announced the flavor on the Graeter's Facebook page. Fans had submitted their best guesses about what the new flavor will be, with hypotheses ranging from white chocolate macadamia nut to pina colada.

Graeter's has been a staple of Cincinnati since 1870 and has been featured nationally on several food-related shows.

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