Governor Strickland makes a campaign stop at AFL-CIO picnic

CINCINNATI - The Ohio governor's race takes center stage as thousands gatherfor the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic at Coney Island.

Governor Ted Strickland is in a fierce fight for his re-electionagainst former Congressman John Kasich.

Strickland wasted no time attacking his Republicanchallenger.

"He wants to squeeze the working middle class, he wants toexpect more out of them and yet he thinks he's a special guy,"Strickland.

Governor Strickland spent much of his speech criticizingKasich's Wall Street connections and accused Kasich of hiding histax records that show he earned $50,000 from Ohio State Universityfor working four hours a month.

"We need transparency, we need accountability, and we need agovernor in Ohio the people can trust," said Strickland.

Meanwhile Kasich is firing back with a new series of adscriticizing Strickland for Ohio's unemployment rate. His ads alsoshow how he's working to create jobs in Ohio.

"I'll surround myself with a team of people who wake up everydayfocused on what we need to do to make Ohio business friendlyagain," said Kasich in a TV advertisement.

A recent poll by the Columbus Dispatch shows Kasich has a 12point lead over Strickland.


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