Goshen family nearly washed away by Wednesday's storm

GOSHEN, Ohio - Logan Singleton tweeted 9 On Your Side a picture of his brother's flooded backyard in Goshen Wednesday afternoon.

Matt Singleton, Logan's brother, watched firsthand as the water level in his backyard continued to rise. 

"It just kept creeping up in the yard, further and further and further," Matt Singleton said.

As heavy rains forced water over the banks of the usually tame O'Bannon Creek, his yard quickly went from a play area for his daughter Sophia to a pond.

The rain also created headaches for motorists like Kaeley Taylor, who was forced to abandon her car due to flooded roadways.

"I still couldn't get through so I just parked at a friend's house and I had to walk through and it was at least up to my knees," Taylor said.

While Taylor waited out the storm at her friend's house, Tiffany Singleton kept an eye on the home of her next door neighbor, her grandmother.

While the rain never made it to her grandmother's house, Tiffany Singleton became nervous about the well-being of her family's matriarch when she didn't answer her phone.

"I had tried calling her, but they were actually on the other side of the bridge waiting until they could cross," Tiffany Singleton said.

The Singletons said they've had water in their backyard before but it was never as bad as it was Wednesday. 

Conditions were so bad the family decided to share their photos with 9 On Your Side, which you can see in the media player above.

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