Georgetown rap artists spread upbeat message

CINCINNATI, Ohio - The verses were flowing at New Fidelity Productions in Camp Washington. That's where two men, first cousins, were bringing a different message to the microphone.

"We were always taught to have manners.  With us it was always 'yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am.'  You got into trouble if you didn't respond like that," said Lamar Commodore.

Commodore and his cousin Nathan Jones were working on Jones' second hip hop recording.

"It's an independent company which I started back in 2008 called JonezyBoy Entertainment," said Nathan Jones.

The two tell 9News that their music doesn't glorify gangs violence or guns but brings a more upbeat message to the listener.

"One of the songs is called 'Imagine Me' and its basically saying imagine if you were a doctor or a lawyer.  Imagine if you stayed on a positive course these things can happen," said Jones.

Jones says his audience is adult so there is some swearing on a few songs.

They both insist it is a far cry from the gangster rap that dominates the industry.

"We weren't brought up in an environment where there was violence.  There's not a whole lot of bang bang going on up there," Commodore said of Georgetown, OH.

What the two men hope to find out soon is whether music resonates with the right people for a shot at the big time.  Even if it doesn't Commodore says their focus will always be the music.

"There is a positive message out there. You don't have to settle with the 'bang bang' kill 'em stuff," said Commodore.

Jones says those looking to explore their music can find him on Facebook at mrjonez33.

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