Former Butler County Auditor Kay Rogers sentenced to two years in prison for fraud

CINCINNATI - Former Butler County Auditor Kay Rogers will spend two years in prison, four years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and bank fraud.

Rogers was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati.

Her attorney, Konrad Kircher, told 9 News his client will be given a date to report federal prison in the next week or two. Once that date is set, Rogers will have within 30 to 90 days that she will have to report to prison.

Rogers must also pay back $4 million in restitution and will be on supervised release for three years when she gets out of prison, according to her attorney.

In 2004, Butler County embarked on an economic development plan that involved fiber optics. The county contracted with a now defunct company called Dynus Corp.

Dynus used the documents signed by Rogers to obtain bank loans that the company never repaid.

Rogers resigned as auditor in 2008 and cooperated with the FBI during its investigation of other elected officials and company executives.

The investigation resulted in numerous charges against Dynus employees and also former Butler County Commissioner Mike Fox. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and to filing a false tax return back in March. Since Rogers was a potential witness in most of those other cases, her sentencing was put on hold.

Rogers' attorney said he believed his client should have been sentenced to just one day in prison since she cooperated with the investigation, has rehabilitated herself by getting herself involved in the community and re-established herself as an accountant.

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