Fasting for charity? Freestore Foodbank asks Tri-State residents to pass on lunch, donate money

CINCINNATI - A local non-profit organization is asking Tri-State residents to say "no" to the sandwich, pass on the pizza and cast away the cookies on Wednesday and instead give the food money to charity.

Wednesday is the "Greater Cincinnati Day of Fasting" and the Freestore Foodbank along with Cincinnati city leaders are asking Tri-State residents to voluntarily forego lunch to experience a small measure of the hunger that is a part of many people's daily lives. Participants are also then encouraged to donate the money that they would have spent on lunch to the Freestore Foodbank.

Nearly 300,000 people in the 20 counties the Freestore Foodbank serves in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana aren't always sure when they will get their next meal. Nearly 100,000 are children. The organization points out that 300,000 people is enough to fill Paul Brown Stadium nearly five times.

"By skipping a meal April 24, and donating the money you would have spent, you're making a huge impact on the fight against hunger," the Freestore Foodbank posted on its website.

Every dollar donated will provide three meals to someone in need. The Freestore Foodbank offers more than 16 million meals to Tri-State residents in need each year.

A 2012 study found that Americans who went out for lunch spent about $37 per week. That means on average American workers shelled out nearly $2,000 a year on lunch. Younger workers spent more for lunch than their older counterparts. The 18 through 34 year olds spent about $44.78 per week while workers 45 and older spent about $31.80 per week.

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9 On Your Side Anchor Kathrine Nero interviewed Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann and Cincinnati City Council member P.G. Sittenfeld about the day of fasting. To watch the interview, click on the video player below. (Note to mobile and tablet users: Open the story in a browser to watch the video.)

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