Fairfax, Ohio home floods with raw sewage, owners want help

FAIRFAX, Ohio - Mike Bohlen has been dealing with flooding at his Fairfax, Ohio home for more than a decade.

But after recent flooding caused raw sewage to rush into the garage and basement of his Fairfax, Ohio home, he's saying he has had enough.

After a day of heavy rain on the Fourth of July, Bohlen and his wife Renee returned home to find four feet of water in their garage. Even the family car was under water.

The Bohlens spent much of Friday evening hosing out their garage, but say nothing can wash away the feeling of frustration from the years of flooding.

The home is located near the Little Duck Creek. When the creek and nearby storm sewers overflow, the Bohlens say they're forced to head for higher ground.

One year, the flooding had tragic consequences.

"In 2001, unfortunately there were two people who died in a flood who lived across the street from us," Bohlen said.

Those homes have since been torn down.

Bohlen said he wishes the same thing would happen to his home.

"It's nasty and it's not sanitary with raw sewage in your home and the mold and there's a time when you just need to stop it," Bohlen said. "Buy the homes out, make it a green space and move on."

The Bohlens say they're on a waiting list for the village to buy their home but they don't know why the process is taking so long.

"And what I can't understand is why we're so low. When we got flooded this time we had a pretty good sized flood. No one else had any damage and here we go again," Bohlen said.

Bohlen said he believes village officials should apply for more federal dollars so they can purchase more homes located in areas that tend to flood.

In the mean time, he says he and his wife will keep their eyes on the sky and hope it doesn't rain.

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