Dennis Janson's last night on sports desk: 'Culmination of dream for kid from Price Hill'

CINCINNATI - Considering that as a weekend part-timer at WKRC-TV, I filmed Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer's 1973 wedding with a Bell and Howell, 16 mm camera, I understandably consider myself old school.

The process was tedious: film had to be loaded, shot, removed, processed and edited, all before finally being loaded on a projector. The last four steps alone seldom took less than 23-24 minutes. MINUTES! 

So the advent of color portable videotape, which didn't necessitate processing, was a great leap forward. But still cumbersome and plodding by today's standards.

Should Jerry and Micki renew their vows on their 40th anniversary June 16, scenes would be available for viewing not a half an hour afterwards but live. And not just on a local television station but literally around the world.  

That is the world I'm coming from and the one I'm going to. My last appearance as Sports Anchor at 9 On Your Side was Wednesday at 11, as was the culmination of a dream for a kid from Price Hill.

I wanted to be a disc jockey. Like Dusty Rhodes, Jim Scott, Roy Cooper or Larry Clark. Didn't happen. Something better did. And you'll be seeing the fruition of that in the coming weeks here on, our other digital platforms and periodically on WCPO-TV.

It is a new undertaking that I'm eager to embrace as I transition from on the air to online.

Please be part of that journey with me as I transition from sports anchor to generalist, as columnist and commentator. Thank you for your patronage all these years as I wended my way through phase one of my career. I assure you, the best is yet to come.

Editor's note: Starting this summer, Janson will be taking on a new role as a columnist for WCPO's market-leading platforms. He will provide his unique perspectives on a number of topics including news, information and issues that matter to the Tri-State area.

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