Delivery drivers on edge after series of Forest Park robberies

FOREST PARK, Ohio - Two robberies in the span of three days in Forest Park forced a LaRosa's pizza delivery driver to quit his job. The incidents have other delivery drivers in the area on alert.

On Jan. 4 and Jan. 6, police say a man with a black handgun held up pizza delivery drivers in the "F" section of Forest Park.

Forest Park police don't have a quality description of the suspect but say the robberies that took place last week had similar methods of operation.

According to police, an order is placed, a delivery driver shows up to an address, and then a man with a black handgun points it at the victim and demands money.

Kelly Sorns is one of the robbery victims. Sorns told 9 News the robbery was the scariest 60 seconds of his life.

Sorns said a man approached him Friday, Jan. 4 around 8:15 p.m. on Farmington Street as he was getting his LaRosa's pizzas ready to deliver. At that point the man pointed a gun at his head and demanded money.

"I was like, automatically, I got set up. And from right then and there, you pick one, fight or flight. And for me, it wasn't worth it for me," Sorn said.

The robber got away with $80 of Sorn's personal money. The robber didn't get Sorn's cellphone or wallet, but only because he was "as nervous as I was," Sorn said.

Just two days later, another driver, Elliot Hanes, was held up for $12 just two streets over in the same neighborhood. The police say it appears the description in the cases is similar and the same type of gun was used in both instances.

According to the police report, Hanes hit the robber with a crowbar and chased him with his car, but he got away anyway.

Sorn said the area is dark, which makes drivers easier targets.

"So imagine in the pitch black, a guy comes up with a gun to my head... and I was like awwww," Sorn said.

LaRosa's said it warns its drivers to carry as little cash as possible to make change and to drop off any extra money after every delivery.

Sorn told 9 News he didn't get reimbursed but he says it's a policy he won't have to worry about anymore. He quit his job as a delivery driver the next day.

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