Crossroads Community Church raises $377,000 for charity by eating rice and beans

CINCINNATI - A local mega-church announced Sunday that its attendees had raised more than $377,000 for food charities during a seven-day food experiment in March.

Approximately 6,500 people who attend one of the three Crossroads Community Church locations in the Tri-State (Florence, Mason and Oakley) ate beans and rice during meals from March 24 through March 30. Event organizers distributed more than 13,000 "rice and bean starter kits" and provided simple menu recipes on a website to help participants embrace the challenge.

The experiment was conducted to "give people an empathy for how many impoverished families eat every day around the world and to give them an opportunity to invest outside of themselves," according to a press release from the church.

Officials from Crossroads say 100 percent of the $377,036.06 event participants saved on food during the week was donated to one of three charities:

  • $65,000 goes to Cincinnati Pools. This keeps 8 pools open on weekends, and also covers swim lessons and pool memberships for 375 kids.
  • $150,000 goes to Strive's Preschool Promise. This is the seed money to get the program off the ground, and also provides between 20 and 25 scholarships for kids.
  • $162,036.06 goes to Compassion International. This covers the gap for children whose sponsors are behind in their contributions.

You can view photos submitted by people who participated in the fundraising event by visiting the Crossroads Instagram page or visiting the following link:

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