Construction resumes at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

Collapse investigation continues by OSHA

CINCINNATI - The Horseshoe Casino site is more active Wednesday morning as construction employees get back to work less than a week after a floor collapse injured 13 workers.

The job site for the $400 million project has been closed since Friday's floor collapse.

OSHA, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, released the site to Messer Construction Tuesday afternoon. That means Messer can resume work on all unrestricted areas of the site and begin cleanup of the damaged area.

Messer President and CEO Tom Keckeis said in a written statement that design and safety teams have reviewed all aspects of the construction, safety and inspection protocols and additional procedures are being implemented to prevent other accidents.

"No part of the process has been, or will in the future be compromised by the project schedule," he said. "We are confident that our augmented protocols for supervising, inspecting and verifying all work performed in the construction schedule can be performed safely, or it will not go forward."

Keckeis added, "Worker safety remains the priority of all parties involved as we resume work on this important project."

OSHA spokesperson Scott Allen said investigators will remain on-site to continue gathering information on the collapse.

One person from Jostin Concrete Construction remains hospitalized.

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