Live Oaks Digital Arts and Design students create billboards to stop hate

MILFORD, Ohio - Students from Live Oaks Digital Arts and Design classes in Milford have taken their skills to the streets.

The students designed five billboards throughout the city with one mission, to stop hate.

The project was done in conjunction with the National Create, Don't Hate Campaign, which links professional designers with students to create billboards around the theme of tolerance.

"The students got that real world experience, they got to be in a a real design firm, and got to see what it's like to really work the design process," said Live Oaks Digital Arts and Design instructor, Adam Schlosser.

The students broke up into five teams. Each team approached the topic very differently, from humorous to simple.

"We wanted to, my group personally, we wanted to show that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or judge somebody because of the way they look," said Jack Teegarden.

The students worked with design professionals from Landor Associates to create the art. The professionals from Landor served as their mentors.

"These designs were 100 percent student designs, the mentors were there to provide guidance, but every thing that you see all the photography, all the creative work, all the design and the layout, all that is 100 percent student work," Schlosser said.

Amanda Featherston said when she first saw her designed billboard, she was speechless.

"When I first saw my billboard I actually started crying I was like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe my art and my message is getting out there for people to see."

"I think the important thing with this project is that the students learned that they can deliver a message through their work," Schlosser said. "That it can be more than taking pictures or drawing pretty pictures, design is about communicating a message."

The billboards will be posted throughout Cincinnati through the month of May.

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