Cincinnati Zoo welcomes baby gorilla to the Queen City

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden announced the arrival of a nearly 4-week-old female gorilla Friday afternoon.

The gorilla, which was born at the Gladys Porter Zoo (GPZ), in Brownsville, Texas, is doing well, according to officials at the zoo.

Nursery head keeper Dawn Strasser and primate team leader Ron Evans accompanied the young gorilla on its flight to Cincinnati.

"The baby was great," said Strasser. "She never left my arms."

The zoo reports the baby will spend time behind the scenes in the children's zoo nursery for the next few days to make sure she is healthy and doesn't carry any contagious illnesses. Once vets give the infant a clean bill of health, she will move to her more permanent home at the Cincinnati Zoo, according to the press release from the Cincinnati Zoo. 

The baby, who hasn't been named, was born on Jan. 29 to parents Kiazi,14, and a 28-year-old silverback male named Moja. Kiazi is on breeding loan transfer from the Cincinnati Zoo.  

GPZ zookeepers because the new mother displayed a lack of maternal care, according to the press release. Staff at both zoos agreed that relocation was the best course of action for the baby because the Cincinnati Zoo has two female gorillas available to serve as potential surrogate mothers.

Officials from the zoo say the baby's introduction process to a new gorilla troop will be gradual to ensure a favorable integration.

Additional information about the infant gorilla and the zoo's plan for her will be announced this Tuesday, Feb. 26.

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