Cincinnati streetcar project closer to completion

CINCINNATI - The $125 million Cincinnati streetcar project is one step closer to coming to fruition.

Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney and Mayor Mark Mallory announced at a press conference that CAF USA Inc. will begin manufacturing up to five streetcars on Feb. 8 for the first phase of the project. The same day, construction bids on the project are due into the city.

The remaining construction needed on the project includes work on the tracks, stations, power and maintenance facilities.

A total of $42 million has been allocated for the project to date, with $21 million going for the construction of the vehicles themselves.

Although an agreement has been reached between Duke Energy and the city to move utilities to continue construction on the project, moving the utilities could still cost the city money.

"When Duke Energy gets in the ground they say it's going to cost $19 million to move the utility lines," councilmember Christopher Smitherman said. "The city says it will cost $6 million. Duke is saying it might cost $25 million. Well, whatever the number is, Duke is saying they are not paying for it."

A judge will decide who is to pay for the cost when the two entities go to court.

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