Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory supports city manager's decision to withhold critical parking memo

Mallory: 'I trust the administration'

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory said Wednesday he's not at all bothered by the fact that City Manager Milton Dohoney and his staff withheld a memo critical of the city's controversial parking lease until after the lease was signed.

Mallory told reporters that the city administration's job is to "make recommendations to council in their best view with the information they have available to them."

When asked if he wishes council members had gotten the memo before the vote, Mallory replied, "I don't live in a wish world. If I did, the streetcar would be going up the hill by now."

The memo criticized the city's controversial 30-year parking lease, which was narrowly approved by City Council. It concluded that the operating expenses and management fees in the city's 30-year lease deal are far more costly than what it has cost the city historically to manage parking itself.

WCPO Digital first revealed the memo publicly July 14. City administrators released a copy of it the next day, after it and an article about it appeared on

The memo was dated June 20 and withheld from council until after the parking lease was signed on June 21.

Dohoney defended his decision to withhold the memo, saying it was based on outdated information. But some council members who supported the parking deal are angered by the fact that the memo was withheld from them.

Mallory, though, said he's not.

"We rely on the city manager to give us his expertise and his expert view on whatever is being proposed," he said. "The bottom line is I trust the administration so we're going forward with the parking plan."

The memo was written by Walker Parking Consultants, which was hired by the city to review the lease. It remained unclear how much money the city has paid the firm.


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