'Buy, er, hire me!' Local job hunter lists himself on eBay in employment quest

CINCINNATI - Saying that it's hard to land a job is an understatement . You find the perfect position and happily send in your resume, only to be a) ignored, b) deemed under (or over) qualified, or c) simply lost in the pile of hundreds of other candidates with the same goal as you.

So how does a job hunter rise to the top of the applicant heap? Phil Clark, 25, decided to forego a colorful resume with an eye-popping font and a flashy website. Instead, Clark posted himself on eBay, the auction website. 

Clark's job as social media coordinator for the Cincinnati non-profit UGive is an AmeriCorps VISTA position, and it's set to expire in June. To prepare for his impending job hunt, the Mt. Auburn resident is launching a social media campaign like no other.

Why eBay?

Clark posted his eBay auction listing on April 24. It features his resume and a little bit of humor. His inspiration was an article from Mashable.com, a digital magazine. As a social media professional, Clark was immediately attracted to the idea. 

"If I'm not able to sell myself, I won't be able to sell a product," he said.

In addition to setting up shop on eBay, Clark has been busy on Twitter, connecting with companies he's interested in and sending them the link to his eBay resume. And his tactics are definitely getting noticed.

"Normally, you'll get 20 or 30 views on your resume. I've had around 300."

Clark's eBay listing says, "Note that I will not actually take your money."

What's Next?

Clark plans to build on his campaign by connecting with key social media players and companies online. He has also been using constructive hints from the social news website Reddit to improve his plan. He hopes to have a new job lined up by June.

When asked what message he has for potential employers, Clark said:

"I can be a good fit. I'm laid back, creative and analytical. I have the experience and can do something just like this for you. I can be a fun addition to your work culture."

So, who's hiring?

What advice do you have for Phil Clark as he builds this campaign and tries to find a job? Did you use an effective, creative tactic to land your job? Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and tell me about it!

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