Outrage at Miami University over offensive flyer targeting rape

OXFORD, Ohio - There is widespread outrage on the Miami University campus over a flyer about rape.

The flyer, titled "Top Ten Ways to Get Away With Rape," provides directions on how to get away with the crime. It was found in a boy's bathroom in McBride Hall on campus a week ago.

Kate Van Fossen, Vice President of Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault on campus, also known as WAVES, is disgusted by it.

"Even if it was a joke, it's disturbing to me that the thoughts are crossing someone's mind," she said. "He came up with 'If you're afraid the girl will identify you, slit her throat.'"

There were several other ideas on the flyer for example, putting a drug in a woman's drink, wear protection and practice makes perfect.

After hearing about the flyer last week, Van Fossen knew she had to do something.

"What I did was I put it on Facebook, it generated over 115 shares, and I even put it on Tumblr where people kept talking and re-blogging about it," she said.

On Monday, the university issued a statement, saying posting the flyer and the message it sent are reprehensible.

Van Fossen said she felt the message was sent out a week too late.

However, university officials are defending how they have handled it.

"We already reported it to the police, they had already begun their investigation, we had already set up our educational programs and the response with the counseling center," Vice President for Student Affairs Barb Jones said.

Miami University said the flyer was taken down immediately. Jones said officials then held a mandatory meeting with all the men who live in McBride Hall.

At this time, the university is working to find out who posted the flyer.

Several students said they are shocked by it.

"I was really appalled by it," freshman Trevor Parke said.

"It just sort of tarnishes our reputation," junior Grace Eichler said.

Van Fossen said her fight doesn't stop here. She is working with the university to get a vacant sexual assault counseling position filled.

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