What's next for police after discovery of Katelyn Markham's remains?

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - There are two questions investigators are focused on answering now that the remains of Katelyn Markham have been positively identified: How did Markham die and where?

"All they found were bones," Indiana State Police spokesman Noel Houze said. "If two people are alone and one person stabs another in the stomach, it can be hard to figure out exactly what happened."

The 21-year-old Fairfield woman had been missing since August 2011. Sunday, a passer-by found Markham's remains near Big Cedar Road in Cedar Grove, Ind. Houze said the case has become a multi-jurisdictional investigation involving law enforcement from Indiana and Ohio.

"This is a joint investigation at this point, between Indiana State Police and the [City of] Fairfield Police Department," Sgt. Houze said.

Houze said Indiana investigators will begin going through Fairfield's case file and will assist in re-interviewing family, friends and witnesses.

"Maybe Indiana State Police can find something because they have fresh eyes and Fairfield police have been so close to the case for so long," Houze said. "Have you ever written something and proofread it, proofread it, proofread it, then you turn it over to someone else to read, and they immediately spot a typo?"

"This is a death investigation," Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey said. "We're basically starting a new investigation from scratch."

Dickey said ISP was in Fairfield Thursday to review evidence, and that they will be re-interviewing everyone involved in the case.

"We've agreed with Indiana that because Markham's body was found in Indiana and it's their jurisdiction, any new information will come from them," Dickey said.

Franklin County Coroner Wanda Lee says Markham's remains are still in their custody even though they've been transported to Hamilton County. Tests will be performed for weeks, even months if necessary.

A specific date for when the remains will be released to the Markham family has not been determined.

Leave your condolences and see the community's outreach in remembering Katelyn at http://goo.gl/gB2le.

Read a timeline of Markham's disappearance at http://goo.gl/gNhVv.

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