Stolen Girl Scout cookies replaced

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Two Fairfield sisters will now be able to deliver 166 boxes ofGirl Scout cookies to their customers after an outpouring ofsupport helped replaced the stolen items.

A family SUV containing the boxes of cookies was broken into atthe Wildwood Apartment Complex on Saturday, March 5. Police believethat break-in may be connected to several others that happened thesame night at the complex

The cookies were ready for delivery after Kayla Stoll and heridentical twin sister, Rachel, worked for weeks to complete theirorder. The dollar value of the cookies was $581. The girls' motherwas concerned because her car insurance covers the broken window,but not the cookies.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio worked with the family and Troop#46899 to make sure they did not have to pay for the stolen cookiesand lost revenue.

On Tuesday, the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio announced that thecookies have been replaced and will be delivered.

Kayla said she forgives those responsible for the theft aswell.

"I would say I forgive you and please don't do it again," Stollsaid on Monday. "Everyone deserves a second chance."

Troops earn about $.55 per box for the cookie sales. The boxessell for $3.50. Through their cookie sales, the troops also earnthe resources of the Girl Scout Council and the many camps madeavailable to troops.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call theFairfield Police Department at 513-639-7820 or call Crime Stoppersat 513-352-3040.

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