Ring could lead to missing woman

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - The investigation intensified Wednesday for the Fairfield woman who disappeared over the weekend.

Katelyn Markham's family hopes if you get a look at her engagement ring, you might be able to help them find her.

They say if someone finds the ring it could be a major lead to where she is.

The picture of the ring is a little blurry, relatives say there are six or seven diamonds that form a zig-zag. The band is yellow gold.

Markham's fiance, John Carter, says he will spend Wednesday evening at the search staging area on Patterson Boulevard handing out stacks of flyers to volunteers who want to pass them out.

Investigators are doing their own part trying to talk to everyone who knew Markham personally or through social networking. They are analyzing her cell phone records, computer and bank account.

They want to find out if there's anyone who might have wanted to harm her. Police say maybe there's someone out there who wanted to have a relationship with her but she rejected them.

Police changed the locks on Markham's townhouse Wednesday to secure the home. They say searches of Markham's home, her fiance's home and the area have turned up no evidence that indicates a crime or her taking off on her own.

Carter says when he left her Saturday night, everything was fine.

Detectives call this case unique because of "the fact that someone has literally just vanished without any indication as to where they would go or why they would go there or who would be involved in their disappearance," said Lt. Kevin Haddix.

Haddix says they currently have no people of interest.

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