Renewed effort to find missing Fairfield woman

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - The search for a missing Fairfield woman is branching out beyond the parks near the woman's home. Volunteers plan a new search on Monday that is even farther away than previous efforts.

Markham was last seen on Aug. 14 by her fiance, John Carter.  The next day when she did not show up for work, Carter and family members began a search for her.  In the two weeks since her disappearance, dozens of volunteers along with police have searched nearby parks and wooded areas looking for any clues to Markham.

Police say her car, keys and purse were still at her townhome on Dorshire Drive.  Investigators say there is no evidence of foul play and really no evidence of any kind to help provide leads on what happened to her and why she disappeared.

Volunteers spent the weekend searching in two areas.  On Saturday, more than 100 people fanned out in Harbin Park looking for any evidence of Markham.  On Sunday, a smaller crowd spent the evening searching a wooded area along the Fairfield border.  The looked in heavy brush, off Lick Road and West Kemper Road, a couple of miles from Markham's home.

On Monday, volunteers again are planning for another search.  The Facebook page dedicated to finding Markham details the search plans.  It reports that volunteers are meeting at the Fairfield Kroger off Pleasant Avenue at 5 p.m.  From there, people will travel to Hamilton County to search Lake Gloria, also now known as Glory Lake, and Triple Creek Park.  Both are on Pippin Road.

The case has received national attention and family and friends are widening the distribution of posters detailing the case and asking for help.

There is a $5,000 reward for any information solving this missing person case.

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